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11B Way Too Early Top 5 2020

Posted: November 22nd, 2019, 12:16 pm
by Cletus
I Know the season just finished but here is my 2020 Pre-Season Top 5 for 11B. Who does everyone else have?
1. Winner
2. BEE
3. Sioux Valley
4. MCM
5. EPJ

Re: 11B Way Too Early Top 5 2020

Posted: November 25th, 2019, 10:41 am
by ocho_cinco
This should be an interesting class again next year. BEE loses quite a few skill players but returns most of their line. Winner loses some key pieces but like BEE always reloads. Sioux Valley should be very competitive. They return lots of speed and bring back their top playmakers in Puetz and Schiller. My top 3:
1. BEE
2. Winner
3. Sioux Valley

I have a feeling the polls will be a roulette wheel at #4 and #5.

Re: 11B Way Too Early Top 5 2020

Posted: November 25th, 2019, 3:59 pm
by sdsportsfan99
My predictions

1. Winner- lose some but keep Fritz and Kruger and always develop lineman to work in their offense. Tradition is the thing down there and it works for the Warriors. Look for them to be near the top once again.

2. Sioux Valley- Loses 2 seniors from last season. VanderWal is a big loss but Schiller and Puetz are athletes and hopefully with the offseason ahead they can get some true passing concepts in their offense to take advantage of the skill sets they have.

3. BEE- Like Winner, BEE has a great tradition and seems to always have people ready to step up. Their line should near the top in the state bring back 4 of 5 maulers from last season. I think BEE ceiling comes down to how big a playmaker they can find at QB. Right now I would predict a close semi-final loss for the Seahawks.

4. EPJ- Had a young team this past season and bring back their 2 studs- Peed and Schmitz. This team should develop and be dangerous. I believe their QB comes back but they lose their FB so there is holes to fill but the key pieces are there.

5A. MCM- Bring back 3/5 lineman and bring a workhorse in Krouse back. Will be interesting to see how that Gordon kid does at QB. Looked "young" when he had to step in against BEE but give credit to the young man for doing what he could. His development will be the deciding factor in this offense. Not sure how their defense will replace Gessner...

5B. STM- never got to watch them play but they always "find" talent... :D

5C. MOPO- They bring back some athletes, hopefully they can get bigger this offseason and put something together.

Re: 11B Way Too Early Top 5 2020

Posted: December 2nd, 2019, 2:30 pm
by Axel
Your dig about STM is pretty worn out. To my knowledge they had one player on the team (Klosterman) who was a transfer this year. Plenty of schools in the state with more than that. Huber came in four years ago as a freshman, all the way from Colorado. His parents must have received a pretty impressive offer to drop their jobs, sell their home, load up their truck and move to Beverly. (STM, that is. Swimming pools, movie stars....)

Curious if you'll have similar heartburn over the Dell Rapids basketball team this year with their "transfer". Or the three or four White River players "transferring" to Lower Brule. Interesting that students can move between other schools and just be "transfers". Anyone coming to STM is a "recruit". Oddly enough, when an STM kid moves to another school, they're once again just "transfers".

It should be obvious to most that kids now move back and forth between schools pretty frequently. Not sure there is anything necessarily sinister about that. If STM is truly recruiting, they're doing a pretty lousy job of it. As is they'll have a tough time just fielding a team next fall.

Re: 11B Way Too Early Top 5 2020

Posted: December 2nd, 2019, 7:56 pm
by sdsportsfan99
Just joking big man!

I don't know much about STM so I figured I'd joke around a bit.

my bad