Top 5 SD HS players of all time

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Top 5 SD HS players of all time

Postby coachwatch » April 6th, 2018, 8:41 am

Thought it might be fun to put the top 5 HS players of all time. Just remember top 5 HS players. (Don't be clouded by college or Pro stats)

My top 5 of who I would by a ticket to and drive all day to watch:

1) Josh Mueller - Nobody got a crowd more jacked. Either for him or against him. 60 in the state title game!
2) Louie Krogman - Was a just a phenomenal scorer at the HS ranks, loved watching him break down a double or triple team
3) Mike Miller - Only one who could slow him down in HS was Brandon and Coach Munsen
4) Steve Brown - Hamlin (Could get 50 a night and you wouldn't know it)
5) Eric Kline - Biggest thighs around and would come off of screens all game long, just loved watching him compete.
5-10) Big Tie with Austin Hansen, Many of the 78/79/80 Armour guys. Friedel & the Tieffentahlers. Never saw Don Jacobson but heard a number of stories.

Coming off the bench: Soon to be an all time great will be Matthew Mors. So big, so skilled, so young!

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